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Classic massage

Beneficial effects of the massage on the human body are known for the last several thousand years. Massage masters were highly revered in ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt. Their teachings passed to their descendants and thus we know all secrets of a massage that make people relax and feel the burst of energy at the same time. Mon Amour erotic massage salon offers you a classic, relaxing and erotic massage.

Our certified experts will quickly demonstrate you why our salon is considered the best in Kiev. You get the positive emotions and your body recharges its batteries. Doctors agree that there is no better way to relax than with a good massage. And considering how attractive and pretty our masseuses are you will leave our salon totally satisfied dreaming about another visit to the world of erotica and relaxation.

Classic massage by itself is a wonderful prophylaxis and treatment of musculoskeletal system and the entire body in general. Classic massage restores nervous system and improves sexual function and also regenerates the damaged muscles and tissues. Although classic massage does not includes the erotic elements our experts are always in search of the new ways to make our customers relax. That is why the classic massage in Mon Amour erotic massage salon includes some erotic elements and elements of striptease.